Once you have logged into the scheduler you will see the Timetable screen.
To rename your studios click on the pencil symbol beside the studio name and type the new name for that studio. Name the studios as you call them within your facility e.g. Cycle Studio, Group Fitness Studio, Mind/Body Studio.

You can add more studios here, but if these studios are going to be running Virtual classes then these also will need to be set up by your Les Mills representative within the account management system (Salesforce) to manage your content entitlements.

Scheduling a class:

1. Select the date you want to schedule your class. You can either click on the date box on the left to select the week (a calendar will pop up) or use the arrows to scroll through to the date. Select the date, then the pop up will close and take the calendar to that week.

2. Select the timeslot where you want to schedule your class. A pop up screen will appear with more options for you to complete.

3. Once you have selected the timeslot for scheduling, the pop up will provide more options. You will notice the TIME and DAY have been pre-populated based on the time/day you selected on the calendar view. The time can be edited e.g. you can schedule at 01:10 as opposed to just 01:00.

4. Choose your class under the Group Fitness dropdown menu; you will be presented with all the program options you have available to schedule. This includes LIVE (Instructor-led) and Virtual classes. Select the class you want to schedule. An On Demand option is available, allowing you to schedule timeslots where members can select their own choice of program on the app to play within this time.

5. Choose your release. There are three types of releases available per Virtual program: Latest (the most recent/new release); Random (the scheduler will randomly select a release from the back catalogue); or Specify (you choose the release number). If you choose to SPECIFY, the RELEASE field will appear. Only the programs and release numbers available for that device will appear for scheduling e.g. RPM 92 for the Cycle Studio device. Select your chosen release number.

6. Set class frequency. Your class should now be scheduled.