Tips on installing the Kramer FC-69

Modified on Thu, 03 Oct 2019 at 01:28 PM

How to set the Kramer FC 69:

1 – OFF HDCP is an anti-piracy protocol and not used by the virtual app

2 – OFF Audio source HDMI as it is included in the embedded stream from the iPad

3 – OFF This will lock the EDID to the default. (please do this as soon as it is un-boxed and before it is connected to the iPad or any displays)

4 – ON 16 bit video supported

5 – OFF 2.0 channel audio supported

6 – OFF HDMI embedded audio – no ARC

7 – ON Turn off audio sleep

8 – OFF Linked to switch 7

Please check you have stored/programmed the right EDID into the FC69 Audio extractor. It needs to be a:

1920x1080 video

Stereo 2.0 channel audio

A good test is to turn the screens/monitor off and see if the iPad will play a video.

Information on data rates: The Kramer FC69 has a maximum data rate of 9Gbps which is enough to support a maximum of 4k@60hz (4:2:0). The Apple Multi Adapter supports a max data rate of 18Gbps which is enough to support 4k@60hz (4:4:4) thanks to HDMI 2.0

4k displays and video wall setups:

Because the iPad and Apple multiport adapter are both capable of HDMI 2.0, if a 4k HDMI2.0 EDID signal is detected, the iPad will attempt to supply this signal. Storing or passing the EDID from an HDMI 2.0 4k screen (or any 4k screen) to the iPad will likely cause problems as the LM Virtual app content is strictly 1080p HD 25hz. To fix this, there are two options:

1. Make sure the Kramer EDID default dip switch (number 3) is set to off as soon as it is unboxed and before it is connected to the iPad or any displays.

2. Program the Kramer FC69 EDID using a 1080p HD signal while the EDID dip switch is in the on position (for PASS) and connect a laptop or other valid 1080p HD signal to the input and a valid 1080p display to the output. When it’s confirmed the display looks correct and is stable at 1080p, flick dip switch 3 to LOCK (store/write) the EDID signal into the Kramer FC69


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