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What is happening with LM Content?

  • We are moving the access to Les Mills Content to a content management system (CMS), known as the Content Portal. From there you can choose which ingestion method for Les Mills Content makes the most sense for your Website or App. The options include an API, embedded web player, or individual video embed codes.

What is the difference between each option? 

  • Embedded Web Player: This will be a code snippet for an embeddable web player that, once implemented, contains a simple playlist and video selection tool. This snippet is for an entire playlist. This code snippet can be implemented on any website. It is implemented similarly to a Google ad tag, or a YouTube embed code. Once integrated into the backend, LM Content will display on the webpage where the code was implemented. The player will have a video display, selectors for play back and a list for program selection underneath. The playlists are customizable from the Content Portal. The value of this new embedded web player are the selectors below the video that will allow for selecting specific programs and videos.

    • *Note: this method is best for most single-site or smaller multi-site club partners who operate IT largely on their own

  • Video embed codes: This is the ultimate low-tech, customizable option for club partners who like to curate and tailor their LM Content video page on their website for their movers. These snippets are for single videos, not a playlist. Just place a video’s code snippet on your website. Once implemented, the video will play on the website. You can add, remove, and layout the videos as you please using these individual code snippets. With this method, you will be able to skip downloading the videos and hosting them elsewhere (i.e. Vimeo Pro) – enabling in possible cost savings. Additionally, you can now deploy a single video in a few mins. With this method, you copy one video code snippet, paste it into the location you want on your website backend, and that's it.

    • *Note: this method is best for most single-site or smaller multi-site club partners who operate IT largely on their own

  • API: API access is designed for partners with higher tech competency, by way of either having an internal IT/tech team, or external IT/3P partners to implement. This method allows clubs to generate an API token, which pulls the list of programs, video files, embed codes, meta data, thumbnails etc. This is the most technical method of the three in the Content Portal. The API method requires installation one time into the backend. Once integrated into the backend, LM Content, the user will have to hit “refresh” on the API quarterly to check for new videos. Once done, you can customize with the new content based on club needs, or the needs of the club partners they service (in the case of third party providers)

    • *Note: A third party partner will likely use our API because it enables them to pull the whole catalogue and they can divide up and display the content however they want to in order to service the unique needs to each club partner.

How does this impact me?

  • Current customers: You will have until October to migrate over to the new Content Portal to access your Les Mills Content. Les Mills support will be able to help with questions about the Portal, but please plan to involve your IT department to complete the transition and implement your chosen ingestion method.

What do I need to do?

  • This new process is far easier than what may have been your previous experience. Simply sign into our new Content Portal, choose your content ingestion method, which Les Mills programs, or content packs you may want on your site, and the new Portal will automatically update each quarter as we release new content. 

  • While we are asking our partners to do some work to do up front, the need for downloading all quarterly content video files individually and re-uploading manually is gone. Depending on the method chosen (API, Embedded web player, Video embed codes) partners will set their delivery method up once, and each quarter they will simply need to refresh the content via their chosen ingestion method.

What is the process to get set up?

Where do I go with questions?

  • Please check our FAQs. If you are unsure where to go, please contact us at: Submit a ticket

How do I get this on my App?

  • We’ve created how-to guides, please click here to access them within the Content Portal: Implementation Guide

How can I implement this?

Is my pricing changing? Per club?

  • No, not as a result of the new Content Portal

Is this in LM Connect?

  • Not yet. To access the Content Portal, please click this site Content Portal , and save it to your favorites

I don't know anything about Tech - how can I bring this to my site?

  • Please click this link to access our Implementation Guide

  • Please note, you will need to work with your own internal or external technical resource to develop a solution if you do not have one. Les Mills can provide support solely on the implementation of Les Mills Content. We are unable to provide custom tech development strategy or advise on your club’s IT infrastructure.

How do I sign in?

  • Your login credentials and instructions should have been automatically generated and emailed to you.  If you do not have them, click on the “Forgot Password” option or contact

How do I migrate to the new platform?

Do I have to cancel my Vimeo subscription?

  • Clubs can continue to use Vimeo if they choose, but with the new Content Portal's capabilities, you shouldn't NEED to. The Embedded Web Player or the embeddable video codes (for individual videos) options will allow for copying the embed code into the website designer and the only changes you would ever need to make are if you want to merchandise the content differently based on the club members' preferences.

When does everyone need to migrate by?

  • We are asking customers to be active in the new Content Portal by October.

  • Content will not be available through any other source except the Content Portal after October.

 If I edit a playlist on the Content Portal, will that change on my website too?

  • Yes! Any changes you make on the Content Portal will be reflected based on your ingestion method

Still unsure? Submit a ticket here:

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