Your username can be found in your on-boarding email sent by your Customer Experience Manager.  It can also be found within the Virtual Scheduling tool by navigating to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Club Preferences’ (see image below).  

Once you sign up to LES MILLS Virtual and changed your temporary password to something more memorable you will use this password going forward.  Please do not use your temporary password again once it has been changed.

Here is the link to login via desktop to the scheduler and where you will find the 'Forgot password, reset password' link:

If you forget your password, click the 'Forgot password. Reset password' link.  An email will be sent to your registered email address. 

Important: ensure you update your password on all devices (iPads) as follows once your scheduler password has been changed:

On the APP unlock the padlock


Underneath 'Account' click 'Login with my new password'