A video EDID is part of the required setup for LES MILLS Virtual and ensures a reliable playback experience.  If an EDID is not in place you may experience a frozen screen, no video at all, audio issues and generally unstable playback.

EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) is the information that the digital source (iPad) and the digital display uses to work correctly with each other. EDID refers to the method the devices use to talk to each other.

An EDID device can stabilize the communication between a display and the iPad removing any 'power on/wake up' synchronization problems and ensuring the external display always receives the correct resolution and input settings when it needs it. The iPad always thinks the external display is switched on and is ready to receive the video.

Note: HDMI Audio Extractor's will not work with the system

Tried and tested models:


See attachments for settings and install guidance

Model available in the US:


Alternative model which requires programming in advance:


How to set the Kramer FC 69:

1 – OFF HDCP is an anti-piracy protocol and not used by the virtual app

2 – OFF Audio source HDMI as it is included in the embedded stream from the iPad

3 – OFF This will lock the EDID to the default (please do this as soon as it is unboxed and before it is connected to the iPad or any displays)

4 – ON 16 bit video supported

5 – OFF 2.0 channel audio supported

6 – OFF HDMI embedded audio – no ARC

7 – ON Turn off audio sleep

8 – OFF Linked to switch 7

Please check you have stored/programmed the right EDID into the FC69 Audio extractor. It needs to be a:

1920x1080 video

Stereo 2.0 channel audio

A good test is to turn the screens/monitor off and see if the iPad will play a video.

The following models do not include an audio de-embedder, so are options for customers who already have an audio de-embedder in place:

https://www.startech.com/AV/Converters/Video/hdmi-edid-emulator~VSEDIDHD (excludes an audio de-embedder)

https://www.lindy-international.com/EDID-DDC-Emulator-for-HDMI.htm?websale8=ld0101.ld020102&pi=32108 (excludes an audio de-embedder))

For a demo video of the required setup including a video EDID please see the link below: