The LES MILLS Virtual app will re-attempt to download your content until it is completed.

Within the App go to 'Settings' and 'Manage downloads' ensure the scheduled downloads toggle is OFF.

Is your iPad connected to wifi? Downloads will not occur if there is no connection to wifi

Check the storage on your iPad by going to 'Settings', 'General', 'iPad storage'.  If your iPad is nearly full downloads will not occur.  We recommend your iPad is dedicated to Virtual due to the large amount of content.  We recommend 256GB minimum.

Make a change to the studio name within the scheduler does it mirror on the iPad?  If not, please ensure your iPad is connected to wifi and change the admin code to resync the iPad:

1. On the APP unlock the padlock

2. Go to Settings

3. Go to Device Settings

4. Go to Change Admin Password

Does the app now come back online? To test please change the studio name, wait a few minutes and see if the studio name changes on the ipad, if it does, all is Ok and the iPad is now syncing again.

Have you changed your scheduler password recently? Here is the solution to ensure your new password is updated in the APP:

Please ensure you’re on the latest release by checking in the App store for any new versions.  Please note: all ipads need to be updated.

If all the above checks are done and downloads still do not progress, try hot spotting your iPad to your mobile device, as there may be a firewall within your organisation which is blocking the download.  If downloads resume once your iPad is connected to another internet source please send the below link onto your IT provider to ensure the IP address is white-listed.

If downloads have still not resumed contact your LES MILLS representative to check that the program is in your entitlements.