Please first run a diagnostics test within the APP as follows:

Unlock the padlock to the top right of the App

Navigate to SETTINGS > Version > Run Diagnostics test.

If that fails:

Try the below steps to reconnect the iPad with the scheduler:

1. On the APP unlock the padlock

2. Go to Settings

3. Go to Device Settings

4. Go to Change Admin Password

Does the iPad come back online?  Try making a change to the studio name within the scheduler, does this mirror on the iPad?  If so, all is Ok.  

If your iPad is still not syncing, you can remove the device from within the scheduler and reconnect by following the below steps:

Please note: the below solution will delete all the content.  Please refer to 'How long will downloads take?' within 'Downloading content' for advise on maximising downloads.

1. Log into the Virtual scheduler tool via your desktop at with your Virtual username and password.

2. Click on the Settings icon and select 'Manage Devices' .

3. To the right you will see options to ‘REMOVE DEVICE’. Click on the option that corresponds to the device you would like to remove.

4. Click the Green button: SAVE CHANGES to process the device unlinking.

5. Once this has processed, it will take 5 minutes for the app to become ready for connecting/pairing with your studio timetable.

6. Log into the iPad app with your Virtual username and password and select your studio from the list and begin setup.