Please try these troubleshooting steps:

1. Run a Diagnostics test via the App as follows to detect any issues:

Unlock the padlock to the top right of the App

Navigate to Version > Run Diagnostics Test



2. Force close the APP by minimising it and swiping it off the screen: 

(You might need to exit Guided Access first by triple clicking the home or side button on the iPad)

3. Go back to your scheduler and check that there is a black play symbol next to the name of the class (see BODYCOMBAT below) , which confirms that a Virtual class has been scheduled.  In the image below, BODYPUMP is a live (instructor led) class and will not play content.

Lastly, remove the Apple adapter from the iPad and HDMI cable from the adapter and re-connect.  Then try to play a class in admin mode by unlocking the padlock to the top right and navigating to the Classes tab, then select a release to play.  If nothing plays there is a break in the connection with the screen which should be reported to your AV provider.