One reason for a scheduled class not playing is that it has not downloaded onto the iPad.  Follow the below steps to check the status of your downloads:

1. Unlock admin mode (padlock on the top right of the screen - add your access code)

2. Click into the settings tab

3.  Click into Manage downloads

This will show you a full list of the releases you have as well as the status of the download.

The image below shows classes which are still downloading and therefore will not play.  



If downloads look Ok, please go back to the scheduler and check that all the fields have been completed when scheduling the class.  If some fields are missing, the class might not play.  Please also check that on the iPad there is a black play symbol next to the name of the class (see RPM below) , which confirms that a Virtual class has been scheduled.  In the image below, BODYBALANCE, BODYPUMP and BODYATTACK are all live (instructor led) classes.

Lastly, please ensure within Guided Access Settings that Mirror Display Auto Lock is toggled to green (on) because if it is turned off the iPad will sleep after a period of inactivity and affect scheduled playback of classes.  Please follow the below steps on the iPad: 


Mirror Display Auto Lock > toggle to green