Getting your LES MILLS Virtual App and studio back online

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After a period of studio down time it is good practice to re-connect and test the Virtual system.  This document outlines the steps required:

Timing - Make sure you test before you go live

We recommended you test your Virtual set-up at least one week before you re-open your GX studio ensure you have to time to get set up and then resolve any issues.  

For those using AV automation (e.g. using AV Automation to automate the screen and/or Projector), we recommend contacting your AV installer to make sure your automation settings and configurations are ready to go.


Login to the Virtual scheduler and ensure the scheduler is functioning and has the last correct schedule on it.  

This is a great opportunity to update your schedule to reflect changes in your club and new member needs.  For clubs considering running back-to-back classes, we recommend that you scheduled a gap of at least 10 minutes to allow members to disperse safely.

  • Please note it may take up to 15 minutes for the changes you make to appear on the iPad


Make sure power, internal networks and internet connectivity are back before bringing the app online.  

To check internet connectivity, open a browser session and ensure you can get to an external website. 

Ensure the iPad is charged and that that the device is charging.

If your iPad has been used over the break or been upgraded

  • Check iPad settings to ensure that “guided access” mode is set up correctly

  • Check that enough storage is available for new classes  [Settings>General>Storage] (you might want to delete any apps or media that has been downloaded to the iPad during the closed period).

Ensuring your iPad is configured correctly

LES MILLS Virtual App

1. Version

Please check you are on the LATEST version of the App.  If not we recommend you upgrade now.

This can be upgraded from the App store

2. Login

You may encounter a login prompt if the app has been offline for some time. Please log in and if you have any problems, please contact support. 

*Note - This password is the same password that you use to login to the scheduler with.

What to do if you have forgotten your password

3. Run a diagnostics test from the settings->version section in the application.

Should there be an issue connecting to the screen (no external screen connected message) disconnect and re-connect the iPad from the adaptor and retry.  

If the issue persists, please contact your AV provider.

Please report any issues to 

4. Scheduler Sync

Please check all classes in the Schedule are synced with the iPad, this may take up to 15 minutes.

What to do if your iPad is not syncing with the scheduler

Audio Visual Equipment Check

Test any connection to AV equipment once the App is up and running by running a test Virtual class.   Check audio levels are correct and your screen and projector are working correctly.  Contact your AV provider for any AV hardware system issues.


Now with the App connected, the schedule updated and equipment checked, you are ready to run a test class.

We recommend that you run a full day's schedule before resuming classes with members.

Run a test set of classes via the schedule to ensure everything is working as expected.

New Content

This content will download automatically during the scheduled time (unless your iPad is configured for it download overnight)

Recommendations for AV Automation integrated clubs

Please contact your AV provider if any of the studio equipment has been offline or disconnected over the break to ensure that all AV equipment functions correctly. 

The iPad may need to be reconnected to the AV Automation hardware if the iPad or Hardware has been disconnected or powered down.

If your iOS has been updated to iOS14 please make sure Les Mills Virtual can be found on your network as below:

SETTINGS > Privacy > Local Network 

Les Mills Virtual - Toggle ON

Test Classes (AV Automation)

Test any connection to AV equipment once the App is up and running by running a test Virtual class.

We recommend that you run a full day's schedule before resuming classes with members.

check audio levels, screen functionality, mics, battery packs, class transitions … etc

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