1. Unlock the padlock to the top right of the App

2. Navigate to 'Version' > click on 'Run Diagnostics Test'

3. The test will start automatically.

4. Those highlighted in red detect a fail.

Internet and Device Storage fails need to be handled by your AV provider or person responsible for the internet connection.

Application Version fails can be resolved by updating your App via the App store.

Account and Scheduler fails will occur if you have changed your password in the Scheduler and not updated the APP.  Please update your APP password as follows:

1. Unlock the padlock to the top right of the APP


3. Underneath 'Account' click 'Login with my new password'

If this doesn't resolve the issue please raise a support ticket.

External display fails please check your AV connections and equipment or contact your AV provider.  A link to the required equipment can be found below: